IAVANTE, Lideres en Formación y Evaluación Sanitaria

Key aspects in paediatric and neonatal accident-emergency management

Seminars and workshops for training in accident and emergency management of critical neonatal and paediatric patients. Face-to-face methodology.
Total teaching hours 8.00 (8.00 horas presenciales)
Training aims

General objectives

  • To acquire skills in handling the transport incubator and the stabilisation and management of the critical neonate prior to transport.
  • To acquire skills in the management of neonates and children with urgent and emergent pathologies (more frequent on the out-of-hospital level).

Specific objectives

  • Specific training in managing the incubator, transport ventilator and oxygen therapy.
  • To develop the precise stabilisation measures prior to and during transport.
  • To learn the procedures in urgent and emergent clinical situations that occur in neonates and children.
  • Physicians and nurses who may be involved in situations of urgent and emerging pathologies of the pediatric and neonatal patient
  • Face to face
Evaluation System
  • Multiple-choice test
  • Continuous evaluation