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Patient safety in difficult airway control

This training focuses on the general aspects of the airway and trains students in the use of supraglottic devices and the practice of tracheal intubation and cricothyroidotomy techniques. It is designed primarily for professionals in the fields of accident and emergency, anaesthesiology and resuscitation.
Total teaching hours 47.00 (13.00 horas presenciales + 34.00 horas elearning)
Training aims

General objectives

  • To acquire knowledge and skills in the safe control of the airway, primarily focused on aspects of patient safety during the airway control process.

Specific objectives

  • To become familiar with the equipment and materials necessary for effective airway control.
  • To master the theoretical and practical aspects of ventilation control techniques.
  • To employ work algorithms and decisions in different clinical circumstances.
  • To implement safety-related aspects (infection transmission, servo control mechanism).
  • Mixed (e-learning and face-to-face)
  • Robotic simulation
Evaluation System
  • Practical exercise
  • Continuous evaluation