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Radiofrequency ablation of space-occupying lesions

Following an anatomical and clinical review, surgery is performed with the objective of acquiring the necessary skills in radiofrequency treatment of space-occupying lesions using an animal bioreactive model. The main anatomical objectives are focused on the visceral area: kidney, liver, lung and adjoining areas.
Total teaching hours 8.00 (8.00 horas presenciales)
Training aims

General objectives

  • To acquire, develop and reinforce the skills necessary for radiofrequency treatment of space-occupying lesions.

Specific objectives

  • To understand ultrasound anatomy of the renal and visceral perivascular space.
  • To acquire the skill to identify space-occupying lesions using the ultrasound technique.
  • To train the student to perform interventions using radiofrequency.
  • To identify lesions and performed interventions.
  • Experimental surgery simulation
  • Face to face
Evaluation System
  • Continuous evaluation