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Sinonasal Endoscopic Approach

Training course for surgeons treating pathologies affecting the sinonasal, orbital and skull-base anatomical area with multidisciplinary teams of otolaryngologists, neurosurgeons and maxillofacial surgeons. Following an exhaustive study of the anatomical region, real images are used to outline the possible surgical approaches which are subsequently implemented using a cryopreserved cadaver head in the specially adapted CMAT surgical area.
Total teaching hours 25.00 (15.00 horas presenciales + 10.00 horas elearning)
Training aims

General objectives

  • To apply endoscopy to the sinonasal, orbital and skull-base area.

Specific objectives

  • To acquire knowledge of the endoscopic instruments, anatomy and basic endoscopic surgical technique.
  • To understand the requirements for the technical intervention of the endoscopic anatomy.
  • To acquire the skills in the technique of approaching the sinonasal, orbital and skull-base structures through practical training on a cryopreserved cadaver head.
  • To acquire specific knowledge of the different approaches.
  • To learn the bimanual endoscopic surgical technique with two surgeons via practice on a cadaver head.
  • Mixed (e-learning and face-to-face)
  • Experimental surgery simulation
Evaluation System
  • Continuous evaluation