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Training in surgical techniques on the temporal bone

Within a high-fidelity work environment and following a theoretical introduction and revision of each technique, this course trains surgical techniques on the temporal bone and appendages using a cryopreserved human cadaver model.
Total teaching hours 20.00 (20.00 horas presenciales)
Training aims

General objectives

  • To apply the techniques related to hearing surgery, prosthetic, decompressive and reconstructive.

Specific objectives

  • To perform retrosigmoid approach techniques.
  • To conduct presigmoid techniques such as retrolabyrinthine, translabyrinthine, transotic, transcochlear.
  • To perform the three portions of facial identification.
  • To perform the implementation of various sound-integrated amplification systems.
  • Experimental surgery simulation
  • Face to face
Evaluation System
  • Practical exercise
  • Continuous evaluation