IAVANTE, Lideres en Formación y Evaluación Sanitaria

Electrocardiography applied to the emergency room

Training of physicians in skills, knowledge and attitudes as competence of the doctor in the medical practice of the emergency by a correct interpretation of the electrocardiogram
Total teaching hours 36.00 (36.00 horas elearning)
Training aims

General objectives

  • Improve skills and reduce uncertainties in the management of the electrocardiogram as a diagnostic tool in the area of emergency. This improvement in the management of the ECG, regardless of the direct improvement on patient care, allows to reduce the number of unnecessary levels between referrals, to improve capacity in decision making in those involved in accident and emergency systems.

Specific objectives

  • Learn basics of electrocardiogram for the routine interpretation of Electrocardiograms.
  • Aling electrocardiographic changes with the main pathological processes that cause them.
  • Aling electrocardiography with special attention to acute cardiological emergencies
  • Equipment of emergency physicians.
  • Practitioners of critical care and emergency devices.
  • Emergency admissions practitioners.
  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
Evaluation System
  • Multiple-choice test
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Clinical cases